Labour law

Continual advice

An instant response. The most effective form of advice when following the progress of all your company’s events throughout Spain.

Legal defence

  • In all courts.
  • Preparation of evidence.
  • Client guidance.

Occupational Risk Prevention

Given the repercussions that the lack of adequate preventive measures may have within the legal scope, preventive consulting is required.

Collective negotiating

We help with the planning, negotiating and drafting of your company covenant or agreement. We can offer back-office support to your negotiating team, giving the necessary training and tools. Current regulations allow for extremely flexible agreements, salary opt-out clauses or implication of the agreement.

Foreign affairs

  • Processing of residence permits
  • Appeals for visa refusals
  • Appeals for residency permit renewal refusals
  • Spanish nationality applications
  • Family regrouping
  • Regularisation due to social, work or family ties

Workforce Adjustment Plants

We plan, negotiate and process temporary suspension proceedings and individual or group contract termination.

Modification of conditions and salary opt-out

We help you in the planning, negotiating and implementation of measures to modify the conditions of employment in your company that your business needs, and we study alternatives.



We offer on-site and on-line training conferences to provide all those in your organisation requiring as such with a practical understanding of the law.

Audits and Due Diligence

We perform audits on labour-related and Social Security issues, especially for due diligence proceedings and compliance.

Review of preventive social security

Article 307 of the Criminal Code establishes that fraud for the sum of more than €50,000 over 4 calendar years is classified as a social security offence. We review and advise on the regulation and provide a certificate.

Code of conduct

We can draft the code of conduct for your company, including the principles describing and defining your organisation.

Equality plans

We produce equality plans for the company.

Disabled Law

We provide advice on compliance with all regulations regarding the integration of the disabled.